There are millions of microscopic creatures that live on our feet. It’s okay to have the bacteria on our feet, but with time, they give the feet a bad smell. Therefore, you need to keep the feet clean and take other measures to keep your feet feeling fresh. This article articulates the steps that should be taken to achieve fresh and vibrant feet;

Do Not Wear Stinking Shoes

Shoes can get a permanent bad smell if they are worn over time. No matter how much you clean your feet, if you wearshoes that have a bad smell, your feet will stink. Clean the shoes and if the bad odor still lingers inside them, throw the shoes and replace them with new ones that are fresh. It is also not advisable to wear the same pair of shoes every day. That will promote foot odor because of the accumulated sweat.

Change Socks And Shoes Often

As we have seen above, it is important to rotate the shoes we wear because they need to air. When the feet sweat, they are likely to produce a disagreeable scent because of the bacteria present. So, when the shoes dry out, the chances of them smelling bad are reduced. The same applies to socks. Change your socks on a daily basis and ensure you wear clean ones.

Wear Absorbent Socks

Absorbent socks are thick and soft. Hence, they will absorb the sweat, and they give the feet breathing allowance. Stay away from nylon socks because they will not give your feet any breathing allowance. In addition to that, they pick up moisture quickly, and that will be the cause of you having smelly feet.

Apply Powder

You can use powder on your feet after giving them a proper wash. On sunny days, the powder will be useful because it will absorb the sweat from the feet. Also, when wearing closed shoes, the feet sweat more. Some scented powders will absorb the sweat and leave your feet smelling good.

Take A Tea Bath

Some people have a problem with excess sweating, and that will enhance the foul smell. If you are one of them, soak your feet in strongly brewed black tea. It has tannic acid that will kill the bacteria and close down your pores. That will help in keeping the feet dry for a longer time. Soak the feet in the tea for thirty minutes every day for a week to see the results.